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Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia (WGHA) is a not for profit organisation with a purpose to achieve inclusiveness and promote positive outcomes for women in the gaming, hospitality and gaming related industries. 

Membership is free, and provides many benefits including scholarships, events, networking and a range of resources to drive change.


WGHA wanted to understand the real barriers for women working within the sector and provide corporate partners (that fund the association) baseline data to compare their own gender equality progress against other sector organisations.

To achieve this, WGHA engaged Mayvin Global in 2021 to embark on the very first industry benchmarking survey. Mayvin Global were re-engaged in 2022 to conduct the survey again and build on the first year outcomes.



The key findings from the survey included:

  • Barriers to career progression;

  • Considerations for leaving the industry;

  • Observation and experience related to gender issues in the workplace;

  • Industry and organisational efforts to advance gender equality and support women;

  • Comparing industry and organisational approaches to gender inequality; and

  • The industry benchmarking survey to be conducted on an annual basis.

Since the publicaton of this report, WGHA has been deregistered as an association.  Any enquiries regarding Women in Gaming & Hospitality can be referred to Global Gaming Women (GGW).

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“In today’s environment where data collection and analysis are fundamental to success, choosing a partner to assist in delivering research, insights and recommendations is a critical decision.


It was a pleasure to work with the Mayvin Global team on our comprehensive industry survey of gaming and hospitality workers across Australian and New Zealand. While their technical skill and expertise are evident, importantly they also listen to your needs as the client and deliver quality, bespoke reports.”

Mary Collier | CEO | Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia
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