Destination Sydney Surround South

"Destination Sydney Surrounds South (DSSS) engaged Mayvin Global to deliver our Business Events Industry Development project, which included tailored mentor program, educational workshops, and development of an Industry Checklist. Deanna and her team’s expertise and experience in the business events sector was second to none and evident throughout the entire project. Their pursuit of feedback from us and key stakeholders was truly valued, to ensure deliverables not only met the objectives of DSSS, but also the needs of our industry.

Mayvin Global’s awareness of providing impact long-term, through the lasting results of the mentoring and tangibly through the Checklist have ensured a true legacy for the project."

Tash McQueen
Business Support
API Leisure & Lifestyle

"I have enjoyed working with Mayvin Global. It is a professional team always operating with integrity.

It was very affirming to receive the outcome of the consumer research and comforting for us to have confirmed the level of support from our members. We equally had confirmed for us the work we need to do to appeal to a broader spectrum of the membership and also the thinking we need to do to broaden the reach of API."

Maurice Wrightson
Adelaide Convention Centre

“Adelaide Convention Centre engaged Mayvin Global to review our approach to technology services. They demonstrated a deep knowledge of business events and current client trends, as well as a technical expertise that enabled them to not only thoroughly understand our brief, but complete a deep dive into the subject matter and provide relevant recommendations. Their findings provided us with incredibly valuable insight which has helped us further enhance our approach & customer service.”

Rachel Phillips
Senior Sales Manager, Convention and Exhibitions
Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia

"In today’s environment where data collection and analysis are fundamental to success, choosing a partner to assist in delivering research, insights and recommendations is a critical decision. It was a pleasure to work with Deanna and the Mayvin Global team on our comprehensive industry survey of gaming and hospitality workers across Australia and New Zealand. While their technical skill and expertise are evident, importantly they also listen to your needs as the client and deliver quality, bespoke reports."

Mary Collier
Chief Executive Officer

“This project was our second time working with Mayvin Global and from start to end it was a very productive and professional positive experience. I was impressed with the calibre of the team at Mayvin Global and their good understanding of the NT in general and the event landscape in particular. The Mayvin Global team were able to build rapport and trust quite quickly during the stakeholder engagement both in Darwin and in East Arnhem Land. I really valued how Mayvin Global approached the project, their processes and communication style – particularly as they were managing the project and client relationship. Agentur would work with Mayvin Global in the future."

Britta Decker
Managing Director

“Mayvin Global invited us to partner on a feasibility review for a cultural event in East Arnhem Land. We were involved for our expertise in economic and social impact. Deanna curated a team of experts including the Mayvin Global Darwin team plus partnering with a third agency (Agentur) to collaborate on this four month project. I commend Deanna and Mayvin Global for project managing the various and sometimes complex aspects of the review and ensuring that the forward momentum continued throughout. Mayvin Global brought tools – such as an online workshop – to help facilitate and discuss outcomes of te project. Which given travel restrictions was a great way to bring out the key insights and findings. We would definitely like to continue to work with Mayvin Global on other projects."

Paul Limoli

“Recent grant funding provided us the opportunity to engage Mayvin Global with a strategic business initiative. It required an agency that understood the complexity of our business, the clients we work with, the sector and able to deliver to a tight timeframe. The team at Mayvin Global clearly understood our brief, and from the outset built rapport and trust that was further demonstrated by delivering quality content that was on time and on budget. ”

Nicole Walker
CEO Arinex.
Strategic Membership Solutions

“We’ve been working with Mayvin Global and Deanna Varga for over a year now and are loving their approach to the association sector. I particularly enjoy seeing Deanna and her team challenge some of the traditional revenue streams and business models. In line with this, the Whitepaper released in 2021 The Future of Associations, reinforces the notion that in an uncertain world, the need for associations is greater than ever and to reach their full potential they need to unshackle themselves from operating models that are no longer effective.

I am proud to know that the idea for this White Paper came out of discussions with Deanna – talking about what our association CEOs are needing right now – and how her expertise should be documented. It’s a must read for every association leader.”

Belinda Moore
GEMS Event Management

“GEMS Event Management engaged Mayvin Global/Deanna Varga to provide executive coaching. We required strategic marketing, to develop structure and frameworks around our marketing plan, particularly with the impact of COVID-19. With Deanna’s expertise in business events and deep understanding of associations, she was able to provide practical, timely advice that was easy to implement. Her manner and approach was consultative, ensuring regular check-ins as well as providing adhoc advice when we needed it. Her skills, expertise and advice lead to doors opening that otherwise would not have. As an SME, this was an investment we considered worthwhile and would highly recommend Mayvin Global and Deanna”.

Michelle Glasson
Director Marketing & Business Development
Clockwise Consulting

"Deanna assisted Clockwise Consulting in launching representation of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board into the Australian Business Events market. Deanna's reputation and connections in the sector enabled us to open doors in a short time frame. Deanna's strategic approach, relationship development and knowledge of the business events sector in addition to her passion was highly beneficial to our business."

Nicole Tingey
Director Clockwise Consulting
Tourism Central Coast

"In 2019-20, Tourism Central Coast have had the pleasure of working with Mayvin Global on business events opportunities for our industry, including engaging Deanna Varga to deliver a webinar on the value of business events.

Deanna’s expertise, experience and tailored presentation skills were effective in engaging with an audience of businesses ranging from those with no experience in the business events sector, to large organisations for whom the sector is commercially and strategically very important. Mayvin Global demonstrated extensive knowledge across and pre-eminent expertise in delivering a virtual event that was engaging, informative and of practical value to our tourism business community.

I have no hesitation in recommending Deanna and Mayvin Global for their insights, expertise and experience in business events, both physical and virtual."

Russell Mills
Director, Industry Services and Partnerships
Women in Tourism (Australia)

“The Mayvin Global team of experts were committed to this project and of particular value was their deep understanding of tourism. Deanna and her team drove the project which was invaluable, as I didn’t have the time to drive it. They had to contend with changes to the schedule as a result of bushfires and then COVID-19, and their ability to develop new approaches or options and still deliver a strategy and recommendations was to be commended. The outcomes of this will shape the future of Women in Tourism. Thanks Deanna, Lynda, Kirsty and Ashleigh.”

Holly Galbraith
Co-Founder Women in Tourism (Australia)
Web Noise

"Web Noise engaged Deanna Varga to conduct a training module as part of the program we deliver to LGNSW. The session Social Media for Local Councillors is a half day interactive face to face workshop. With the impact of COVID-19, this training had to move to virtual delivery.

From the outset, Deanna was professional, not fazed by the format change, demonstrated a deep understanding of the content and importantly a depth of knowledge of Local Councillors and what would resonate. Keeping Councillor’s attention for a half day is no easy task – and Deanna from Mayvin Global delivered. She really thought about how to adapt the content and delivery methods to reflect the virtual environment and ensure clear takeaways for attendees.

As a small business, our reputation means everything. Deanna was respectful and considerate of our brand and representing us. Following the feedback from her training session, we have re-engaged Deanna for future training programs."

Lynne Hocking
Managing Director
Local Government NSW

"Mayvin Global was engaged to support LGNSW in revitalising our annual tourism conference program content, targeted to LGNSW Councils. Deanna and Sally brought strategic insights as tourism subject matter experts and also demonstrated a deep understanding of business events. Mayvin Global made speaker and topic recommendations that were adopted as well as opened doors to their extensive network.

Their appreciation for the Not for Profit sector and what a conference means to us as an organisation has added an additional dimension. We are very much looking forward to the Tourism 2020 conference and the refreshed program."

Meg Fisher
Corporate Event Specialist
Bleached Arts

“Mayvin Global were engaged by Bleached Arts to conduct a feasibility review of one of our Gold Coast based performing arts projects.

We found them to be strategic in their approach, providing key commercialisation advice and were respectful of key stakeholders. We had project delays unrelated to the work provided by Mayvin Global, however, they were flexible and provided suggestions to address the impacts as well as identifying the risks of go/no go actions. The commercial expertise provided by Mayvin Global has given us important insights into our business.”

Matt Wilson
General Manager
Business Events Sarawak

“Mighty thanks for your expertise in helping our associations in areas of sustainable growth and sharing tips on income generation. Without Mayvin Global, these associations may not have connected or created collaborations.
Sharing your views and perspective as an Australian in introducing and updating the Sarawak industry was vital! We needed that nudge that only an outsider can give. We realised that we have so much “real estate” to improve in the areas of services and the decision-making process.

We’re glad we made the right choice. Thank you, Deanna, and Virginia Loyola.”

Dylan Redas Noel
Head of Industry Development
AGB Events

"Deanna Varga of Mayvin Global was engaged by AGB Events to work with us on strategy development with the aim of attracting new business. Deanna went well above the agreed brief, she is incredibly attuned to the international arts and tourism industry and has an excellent and open manner with her clients. Deanna is an authentic leader in her field and highly recommended.”

Anthony Bastic
Founder & CEO
Laissez-faire Catering

“Deanna Varga/Mayvin Global have helped us secure new commercial opportunities and brought strategic partnerships to us as well as our clients.

They bring savvy strategy, vision and a broad range of connections to our business – which as a family run operation is instrumental.  They deliver on time, and I would consider them valuable partners in business events and for tapping into the cultural sector."  

Sara Flaksbard
General Manager
Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences

“Deanna’s overall strategy enabled us to refine and focus our tourism offer, one that engages both domestic and international audiences, within the context of envisaging the museum’s overarching future and new flagship site in Parramatta.

The findings were incredibly helpful and included quick wins that we could enact immediately.”

Tristan Sharp
Director Programs & Engagement
Australian Cycling Holidays

“As the owner of a small tourism business, I have nothing but praise for Deanna. I engaged Deanna to assist in preparing a submission for a Tourism Product Development Grant.

Deanna brought to the table an in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry, a great ability to identify new opportunities and avenues, the experience to pull it all together, and the energy to inspire. Her advice and input were definitely instrumental to securing the product development grant for Australian Cycling Holidays.“

Emma Tonkin