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Gold Coast



Bleach* is a creator of arts and cultural experiences on the Gold Coast. Hotelling is their interactive theatre arts production, commissioned by City of Gold Coast.


Following  pilots in 2016 and 2017, Mayvin Global was engaged to:

  1. Assess the commercial viability of scaling Hotelling

  2. If viable, to design a business model that scaled the production satisfying four conditions:

  • Generate return for all partners and stakeholders​​​

  • Drive new international and domestic visitors to the Gold Coast (particularly high yield)

  • Increase impact the impact on the visitor economy through extended stay and associated economic impact

  • Leverage accommodation, fundamental to the CGC strategy


Mayvin Global provided:


  • A draft business model for CGC and Bleach* for implementation within 1-2 years

  • Direction on options for next steps – recommending key stakeholders for next round testing.

  • A phased plan to financial self-sustainability. Presenting options for 2 to 5 years with further capacity to grow.

MG Commas.png

“Mayvin Global were engaged by Bleach* to conduct a feasibility review of one of our Gold Coast based performing arts projects. 

We found them to be strategic in their approach, providing key commercialisation advice and were respectful of key stakeholders. We had project delays unrelated to the work provided by Mayvin Global, however, they were flexible and provided suggestions to address the impacts as well as identifying the risks of go/no go actions.


The commercial expertise provided by Mayvin Global has given us important insights into our business.”

Matt Wilson
General Manager
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