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White Paper | Diversifying Revenue: An Association's Guide to Kick Start Commercial Thinking

"In an ever-evolving economic landscape, associations and non-profit organisations face the critical challenge of sustaining and growing their revenue sources. The latest white paper from CEO and Founder of Mayvin Global, Deanna Varga, explores the strategies for revenue diversification. The white paper is structured easily for those that lose concentration quickly. A must read for seasoned executives and emerging leaders". Rob Di Leva, Deputy CEO, Speech Pathology Australia

Featuring five Association case studies, insightful frameworks, examples, and practical guidance on how Associations can apply commercial thinking – download your free copy here.

Here are key takeaways for senior leaders:


  1. Revenue Diversification: Emphasising the significance of developing multiple revenue streams that align with an association's mission and values.

  2. Engagement and Value Addition: Leveraging member engagement and value addition through innovative approaches, including technology and data analytics to understand and meet member needs better.

  3. Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorships: Explore strategic partnerships and sponsorships that solve members' problems, creating mutual value and enhancing revenue.

  4. Digital Transformation: The importance of digital transformation in expanding reach and enhancing member services, suggesting associations embrace digital platforms for education, accreditation, and events.

  5. Community Building: Building a strong community and network amongst members, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, support, and collaboration.

Is your organisation considering its own revenue growth or diversification challenges? Or maybe this white paper has sparked some thinking in the area. If so, why not reach out to Deanna for a chat via or phone Deanna on +61 438 664 647.


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