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Agenda Paris Communication Agency

"Agenda is a communication agency based in Paris with a branch in Australia. We have been working with Mayvin Global on a regular basis since September 2017. The first consultation was a pricing review of our international conference Communicating the Museum. We needed a solution that would deliver a long term financially sustainable business model. Our second consultation is an ongoing sales campaign conducted for our fundraising conference, Culture Business.

We appointed Deanna Varga to lead these projects as she understands the cultural sector, has an extensive network in the tourism sector, knows our target audiences and our business requirements very well. She developed practical and implementable solutions for the immediate and long term.

Deanna and her team at Mayvin Global always deliver above expectations, with practical solutions demonstrating a solid understanding of the cultural sector and our SME business. Mayvin Global is a business that thinks creatively, innovatively, is responsive to their client and overall a pleasure to work with."

Agenda Paris Communication Agency
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