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NT Consultant

BA Business Management


Mia has been living and working in the Northern Territory for over 6 years and brings practical, hands-on experience working within business events and the broader tourism industry.

On leaving her role with NTBE in 2022, Mia has joined Mayvin Global on a project basis to support and assist the company in scaling up when needed. Mia met the Mayvin Global team originally in 2020 and again in 2021 through the projects Mayvin Global was undertaking in the NT.

With an eye for detail, she has extensive experience in developing and project managing business event stakeholder engagement programs and managing international trade and media delegations.

She values and maintains strong relationships with key industry partners on the ground, bringing a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing The Territory as a business events destination.

Mia has a passion for travel and the great outdoors and has undertaken diploma studies in Development and International Relations and Psychology in Sweden.

Previous experience has included sales executive and management roles in the retail travel and accommodation sectors.

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