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Aug 6, 2019 | Testimonials

One word: Outstanding! The session was amazing. The delegates, the crowd, the environment, everyone had a great time connecting and learning.

Mighty thanks to you for your expertise in helping our associations with sustainable growth, and sharing with them tips and tricks on income generation. Without you, these associations may not have had the opportunity to even know of each other, let alone create collaborations among themselves.

Sharing your views and perspective as an Australian to introduce and update the Sarawak industry players was vital in ways that you can only imagine! Some areas we already know, but we needed that nudge and reminder that only an outsider can give. Some was new to us, helping us to realise that we have so much “real estate” to improve in the areas of services and decision-making processes.

We’re glad we made the right choice. Thank you, Deanna and also to your colleague, Virginia Loyola, who I believe helped in the background.

Dylan Redas Noel
Head of Industry Development, Sarawak Convention Bureau
August 2019